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Blue Lab Beats: #DomeChallenge

Blue Lab Beats are back, and they have returned with another challenge! This time it’s the #DomeChallenge.

Earlier last week, London duo Blue Lab Beats dropped their Mahogany Session where they perform memories from their 2019 album Voyage. Mahogany are known for their incredible audio-visual quality, which means we get to hear and see these guys up close and personal in HD – and it is beautiful. This was followed by an interview where they discussed the importance of energy and vibes, and how they use them in the studio and during live performances – definitely worth checking out!

Today, on Instagram, they announced their latest challenge of the year, the #DomeChallenge. The challenge gives you the chance to add your own flavour to one of their beats. So, if you are an instrumentalist, vocalist, rapper, and/or singer head over to Soundcloud to download the beat and get your best 16 ready to take part!

This pair has one of the freshest sounds in the game right now. They are undoubtedly pushing the boundaries of contemporary jazz – and this hasn’t gone unnoticed. The duo feature on the collaborative Blue Note Re:imagined album out later this year (October 2nd) alongside an impressive line-up of artists. Blue Lab Beats are truly unique, we can’t wait to see what they have in store next and we love to see them getting the community hands-on and involved in their music.


By Sophia Wright

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