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Millicent B James – Moyo, Vol. 1

There is a new generation of jazz musicians that have been reshaping and remoulding a genre that was once perceived as being reserved exclusively for the elitist listener. Of-course jazz has always been available for anyone to enjoy, however, with the breaking down of these imagined barriers, in recent years, UK jazz has exploded on to the map and into our ears (and not to mention our hearts). The latest to contribute to the ever-growing cohort of artists is Millicent B James who just released her debut EP Moyo, Vol. 1 – and it is beautiful.

Moyo, Vol. 1 is Millicent B James’ debut EP. In just 4 tracks she takes us on a journey that is wholly relatable, one of personal growth and determination which ultimately resides in a place of hope and possibility.

“Moyo is definitely a collection of me becoming more comfortable with my identity as a black woman, and not being afraid to just make music that is about these things that I have experienced.” – Millicent B James

From the opening, Moyo/Ancestors (Moyo meaning “heart” in Swahili), James’ enigmatic vocals are emotive and powerfully captivating. It feels like a reconnection with the past – a calling home. She has seamlessly interwoven a myriad of sounds, drawing inspiration from gospel, jazz, soul, contemporary classical, ambient and afro music, and the result is truly outstanding. Each track explores a different theme, providing a different piece of the puzzle, which when combined has created a beautiful mosaic – a space of pure transformation and healing.

Millicent B James, who currently attends The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, is clearly a very talented composer, cellist and vocalist. We look forward to what she has in store next!

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