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Cold Callers: Who Knew Hertfordshire Was So Smooth?

Hailing from Hertfordshire, UK, Toch-UQ, and Timi B, commonly known as Cold Callers, have created a name for themselves as two of the smoothest kids on the block. This rap duo has been flawlessly injecting the UK music scene with a perfectly concocted jazz-hop low-fi soul-tastic vibe.

Dipping in and out of spoken word Cold Callers subtly blend poetry with a more traditional rap style. With this, they arrange silky smooth flows over the top of some of the most laidback instrumentals on this side of J Dilla’s The Shining. Everything you need for the perfect chill-out. When it comes to the listening of Cold Callers it is not an experience to be rushed. Much like fine wine and slow sex they are definitely to be enjoyed and savoured – making them ideal for late-night listening and road trips alike. First-timers, should start with EP’s As The Sun Sets (2017) and Swallowed by the Sun (2018) for the perfect introduction to the Cold Callers experience. Here they capture the very essence of summer that every 20-something has known – romance, late nights, spontaneity, and a care-free attitude reserved only for that stage of life.

For the visual consumer or those that just love a good music video – they have you covered too. Videos for singles Summer Lovin’ and Summer Nights demonstrates that these pair do indeed look as smooth as they sound. Simple yet highly effective. They provide a cinematographic experience that matches their overall nonchalant demeanour shrouding them in an air of natural cool-ness.

Although 2019 did not bless us with a project from Cold Callers, we were however gifted an array of collaborative works – most notably a feature on Subculture’s Album I Dream of Everything. With high hopes for their future, we look forward to what these guys have in store next. In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy the vibe and will be keeping eyes open for upcoming performances.


By Sophia Wright